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Konstantin, I have got this clock on my nightstand running for more than two years now. Smooth and Flawless!!! It is accurate within a minute a year, need I say more? Well, I like the mesmerizing y...

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KOSBO.COM Nixie and VFD tube clocks

A place where Time and Light live together.

They are the driving force in our world, thus we are trying to make it more wonderful by designing Clocks, Light control devices and Gadgets.

Please explore both on this website.

Feel free to browse and contact us with any questions or queries.



It's summer, nice time to fly quadrocopter - new modern hobby.
I like it and do it quite often.  I am sure, some of you would like to do so too,
have a look at this nice web site to start to build your own good quality quadrocopter
or to replace your quadrocopter frame to really good, well designed one:
All the best, Konstantin




Welcome to a secret place called Tomorrowland...

It's the third time that our IN-18 Big Nixie Clocks are acting in the movies or documentaries.

Watch Tomorrowland
Teaser Trailer to find our 2 IN-18 clocks combined together to display...

The movie in cinemas from 22 of May 2015.

Tomorrow Land

One more screenshot from another Tomorrowland trailer (close look at Nixie Clocks):

Tomorrow Land


4  big digits clock based on Babcock SP431-001-01 Panaplex display
( Four  7 segment digits, 51mm hight)

Also have look at  short video I have uploaded on my YouTube channel.

This displays are gorgeous, but unfortunately I had only a few displays in stock,
as they are very rare and difficult to find, but if you have this display and need assembled or bare pcb, please
Contact me

More details on this clock is on its web page. Any questions, Contact me



SP431 Panaplex 4 digits clock

Panaplex 4 digits clock

Panaplex 4digits Clock









Our IN-18 Big Nixie Clock is on BBC series "Faster, Higher, Stronger.
Stories of the Olympic Games: Swimming"
supporting London Olympic Games.

You can find it on BBC web site or just have a look at beatuful pictures of our Clock we have captured for you:




All the best, Konstantin