IN-4 1 Digit  Nixie Clock


Top veiw one digit Nixie clock - new and unique design! Again, nothing similar to what you can find on the market now.
Based on IN-18 clock 1 digit clock design, but use cheaper IN-4 nixie tube
It only has a 30mm diameter and 40mm depth, making installation room minimal and giving you a virtually unlimited number of ideas where you can install/integrate this clock.
A wide range of case designs are available for this clock.
Wooden or metal, plastic or glass - all materials can be used to make unique enclosures.
Although it has limited space on the circuit boards, this nixie clock has a lot of integrated functions and displays.They are: Time, two Alarm sets and Date. Please use the Menu on the left to find out more about this beautiful clock. Hurry while they last, buy it now!