VFD Round Clock

This clock is a work of art and keeps perfect time. The case for it is most unique as well. A most unique and beautiful analog VFD display. This clock is one of my favorites!


6 digit IN-12 nixie clock

Konstantin Your product is very well developed, well thought out, shipped and packaged quickly and safe. I had a few problems on my half as it was my first time using Ebay but Konstantin helped me out with the best possible support. I give his service, build, and support an A+. I love the clock it is really cool if your thinking about getting a nixie tube clock I have to say do it because they really are a unique piece of history not to mention they look awesome. If I had to ever buy another tube clock or something else interesting I would defiantly buy from KOSBO.com...


IN-18 BIG Nixie Clock

The clock has arrived and is working perfectly. It is looking very good, I love it. Well done. I can't take my eyes away looking at the seconds go by.
The casing looks nicely done, too.
I had no problem setting the time or anything else.
I really like that you can turn down the intensity of the light.


6 digits IV-11 VFD clock witch 2 alarms

Thank you for excellent service. Clock very nice!


6 Digit IN-18 Clock Big Nixie

What A beautiful clock!! Thank you, Konstantin

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