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SparkleTube is made up of a chain of differently coloured
(Red & Blue) LEDís (lamps) housed in a clear flexi plastic tube, with a small control box at one end. Because each LED (lamp) can be controlled individually with selectable speeds, it is able to produce fantastic lights combinations!
It's for fun and for safety!  Designed to be worn on the head, but could easily be used as necklace or as belt for young children or as bracelet on your wrist. Not suitable on sunny days, but at evening in the dark, It's amazing !
Use it for fun on your party or on disco. Try and match the lights to the music ! Buy it as Christmas present for children and friends !!! Use it for safety for high visibility, when walking or cycling in the dark.
Have a big dog? Now you can see where he/she is running
It has 15 different lights Compositions, plus 6 speeds for each light Composition. Please, scroll page down to get more information about SparkleTube.
Click on the  Flash movie in the above menu  to see 15 small movies. The movies only offer a reduced quality image.
Please, use Photo bookmark  to get for picture gallery
The price is only £5-49 ((GBP) for one SparkleTube, but it cost only £ 9-98 for two SparkleTubes (£4-99 each).
Our price is flexible too!!! If you like SparkleTube, why not to show and demonstrate SparkleTube to your friends, colleagues !
We hope it will bring you hours and hours of fun! But, please be aware, excessive swinging or waving could damage internal components, (or friends!) it's not suitable on sunny days and do not use under water. Due to the nature of flashing lights, those susceptible to photoelectric epilepsy should seek medical advice before purchasing.
Look at these pictures !
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Sparkletube is sold out  Thanks to everyone who bought this lovely gadget and support my invention.
If you have bought Sparkletube and would like to buy more or if you have seen this tube from your friend
and would like to buy it ,
Please  register your interest via out WEB site www,kosbo.com   If we have enough orders, we are happy to manufacture it again. Thank!




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