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You can, but don't have to register on site : just find the clock, buy it and pay via Paypal. That's it!

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Time is flying!

In October 2005 I have released and sold my first Sparkletube, so era has begun.

KOSBO.COM is 10 years old now. Happy birthday to us! ;-)

It was really exciting time, thanks a lot to all my Customers, who likes and buys my clocks. Special thanks to my family and friends, who supports me all the time.
I've met lots of interesting people, designed and manufactured 19 Nixie and VFD clocks, which does not count my first great device called Sparkletube.
Several special edition clocks were released too, which includes clocks to TomorrowLand movie, UK BBC sport documentary and a few more.

More clocks will be released during this autumn and it's time to refresh my web site too!

Best wishes, Konstantin



Still nice time to fly quadrocopter - new modern hobby.

I like it and do it quite often. I am sure, some of you would like to do so too,
have a look at this nice web site to start to build your own good quality quadrocopter
or to replace your quadrocopter frame to really good, well designed one:

All the best, Konstantin


Welcome to a secret place called Tomorrowland...

It's the third time that our IN-18 Big Nixie Clocks are acting in the movies or documentaries.

Watch Tomorrowland Teaser Trailer to find our 2 IN-18 clocks combined together to display...

The movie in cinemas from 22 of May 2015.