IV-21 VFD clock

IV-21 VFD clock

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Very unique, compact and well designed, it displays: Time, two Alarm Sets, Date. An optimally slim design allows to you to use this clock as wall clock, as well as desktop clock at home and/or small office environment. It has a simple control panel with only 2 buttons. Like any of our clocks, the internal buzzer will generate the alarm even if the main power is off. 



Key  features:  
  • Unique and new tiny VFD Clock on the market !
  • Fully assembled and tested VFD Clock
  • Eight  only 5mm high  digits (IV-21 VFD Tubes)
  • Displays Time , Date and 2 Alarm clock sets
  • Scrolling Date and Time Mode
  • Accurate & calibrated time clock source from internal crystal
  • Integrated "proper" 2 Alarms Clock with snooze function
  • Easy control with only 2 buttons
  • Uses standard 9V or 12V wall plug Power Supply
  • Precision Seconds setup
  • Internal buzzer for Alarm1 and Alarm2
  • High efficiency integrated on board DC-DC converter

2 Main Modes: Display Mode and Setup mode

Display mode: In the display Mode Clock indicates the following information:

Time in format  HH-MM-SS , where HH are Hours (00-12 or 00-23), MM is Minutes (00-59), SS is for Seconds (00-59)
Alarm1 in format HH MM, 1 indicates Alarm1 , where HH is Hours (00-12 or 00-23), MM is Minutes (00-59)
Alarm2 in format HH MM, 2 indicates Alarm2 , where HH is for Hours (00-12 or 00-23), MM is for Minutes (00-59), SS is for Seconds (00-59)
Date in format :    DD.MM.YY
where DD is for Day (1-31), MM is for Month(1-12), YY is for Year (00-99) Setup Mode: Setup mode is for changing configurable parameters, allowing:

Set current Timeime Set Alarm1 time, switch it on/off Set Alarm2 time, switch it on/off Set Date Set 12 or 24 Time Display mode Easy control with only 2 buttons

Newly designed tiny IV-21 VFD Tube Clock for your attention !
  • Unique ! Ideal gift -  Newly designed Vacuum Fluorescent Display Clock - just arrived on the market !t !
  • Optimal compact design to use in your PC, at home or small office environment
  • Reliable, simple to connect and easy to use Clock!
  • High efficiency and low power consumption for energy saving
  • Use it as a Clock on you table or as Alarm Clock to wake you up
  • Convenient Time and Date display reading
  • Easy control with only 2 buttons ( no remote control is required)
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Specification & recommendation
  • It's fully assembled working  VFD Clock, giving you chance to concentrate your efforts on the case design! Please send me your complete Clock picture, as I am going to create picture gallery on my WEB page.
  • Clock works  from 7 to 15V DC, but 9v or 12V supply is recommended  choice
  • Power consumption: 0.76W (85mA@9V) from wall plug power supply (all digits to display)
  • Internal buzzer generates simple one tone and  pause sound in Alarm1 or Alarm2 events. It will last for 1 minute, but could be shut off by pressing the button.
  • This clock has Alarm snooze function, so it's ideal fro your bedroom.
  • Frequency Test Mode can be activated to easily check and adjust clock frequency. In this mode Clock does not display or keep time and date, for 3 seconds it  displays 200000, which means  200KHz, than display switches off and  frequency check signal  is activated on the dedicated output pin. Use it to check it, if you have calibrated precision frequency meter or use this signal for your calibration purposes.
  • 1 year full warranty
  • Digit height  - 5 mm.
  • PCB board size  -  19x73mm
  • IV21 VFD clock, including IV-21 display tube and  button tips   - 38(28)x22x75mm
Latest SW and Documentation
  • The latest User Manual  is available to download. Please click  here.
  • Please download Connection and Layout Diagram here
  • Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this VFD Clock. I'll do my best to respond to you within 12 hours.
  • Your design or new function suggestions, improvement are very welcome and will be considered ASAP.
Notice & warning
  • This clock is designed for inside use only. Do not use this Clock outdoor under any circumstances.
  • Some internal components are under High Voltage, before handling or maintenance work, be sure that it's switched off.
  • I do not accept any liability  may cause during improper or careless use of this Clock.
  • Due to high voltage on the board, do not use this clock in bathroom, under rain or in the wet and/or dusty conditions.
  • Due to constant improvement, your clock could be slightly different from the described above or shown on the pictures, but technical/electrical parameters and functionality will be the same or better than stated above.
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When you buy it, You will get
  • Fully assembled working VFD Clock. No power supply is  included. Power Supply  is available at extra £6-95 GBP for UK, USA/Canada and European Customers only.
  • Internal synch clock will be calibrated to get the best time accuracy.
  • User Manual with detail description how to control your Nixie Clock is always available for download
  • 1 Year full warranty.
  • First Class Signed For Royal Mail delivery. Just small extra delivery charge to post it to Europe or to the USA, Canada.
  • Your Clock will be fully tested, calibrated and well packed  before I dispatched to you.
  • I'll dispatch  your Clock within 2-3 working day after I receive your payment.

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