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Borroughs Self-scan display panels

Thanks for Xmas and New Year holidays, I have got spare time to play with Burroughs Self-Scan matrix panels, which were waiting for me  quite a while.

I have a few panels, but have not had original Controller boards to test display panels, just a month ago I was lucky to buy functioning controller board,

so I played with panels and really like it.  Original  set consists of 3 boards: self-scan display panel with drivers board, controller board and power supply converter board.

I have took away power supply board (get circuit diagram here), which is not needed when you control the panel from standard +-12V and +5v power suppliers  

and your data generator (source of info  you want to show on display panel) is close to the panel too. I use


6 lines self-scan Borrouhs display panel



 6 lines  self-scan display panel set

6 lines Self-scan display panel


6 lines Self-scan display panel


Here is controller board



 Here is closer look at 6 lines panel

Controller board


Closer look at 6 lines Self-scan display

Arduino board to send data to display.

Now thinking to make something usefull on it.  If you have any ideas, please share it with me...


I also have 12 lines panel, which used to be dead, but now it's alive even it does not work 100% right yet

Closer look at 12 lines Self-scan display panel 12 lines Self-scan display panel set


Here is power board, it has been removed from the working prototype set



Power supply board 12 lines Self-scan display set